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The FORUM is comprised of representatives from…
local, state and federal government agencies, private industry, public utilities, academia, concerned citizens.

All aspects of the waste industry are represented, including…consultants, regulators, those involved in waste collection, processing and disposal planning and management.

The FORUM is a regional organization which offers an opportunity to obtain information through participation in meetings, working committees and conferences.

Involvement with The FORUM is an excellent way to demonstrate concern for the environment in a positive and informed manner.

Anyone interested in waste management and its relationship to the environment is encouraged to become a FORUM member.


To download the application to send via mail or email click here...Membership Application


The FORUM is always looking for current members who want to be more active in shaping our future events as members of the event planning committees.  The 2019 Conference was successful largely as a result of the active participation of volunteers helping to plan the program and securing the exceptional roster of speakers. 

If you are interested, please Contact Us!

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