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The Southern California Waste Management Forum (SCWMF) is a nonprofit, tax exempt organization dedicated to advancing knowledge of the interrelationship between waste management practices and the environment.  Originally organized in August 1969 as the Los Angeles Regional Forum. The Forum is the natural outgrowth of a series of meetings between representatives of concerned public and private agencies who saw a need to protect the environment while meeting the solid, liquid and hazardous waste collection and disposal requirements of the community.

The Forum’s objectives are:

…to facilitate the exchange of fundamental and practical knowledge concerning the characteristics, collection, transportation, treatment, storage and disposal of wastes, and accompanying resource recovery activities, including, but not limited to, source reduction, recycling, composting and public education techniques.

…to disseminate information about the design, construction, development and operation of equipment, facilities and processes used in the waste management industry, legislation and regulations, planning and policies, and research and development pertaining thereto.

Officers and Directors

The Forum is governed by a Board of Directors elected by the members. The Board is made up of 15 members who serve for three year terms. To ensure continuity, Director’s terms are staggered, so that every year five Directors are elected.  From its membership, the Board elects a Chairperson, Vice-chairperson and Secretary-Treasurer to manage the organization.

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